Acupoint Injections: Perineural, Trigger Point & Prolotherapy

As Licensed Acupuncturists (LAc), DOM, OMD, DAc, or DAOM Practitioners, we have a significant advantage over other healthcare practitioners. Our knowledge of the theory & actions of each acupuncture point & how combinations can work synergistically provides a greater depth of understanding in our approach to addressing dysfunction or disease of the body. Gaining the added knowledge of natural injectables will boost your effectiveness and the healing mechanisms for your patients.

Besides needle stimulation of an acupuncture point, there is the added benefit of the medicine focused directly into the site affecting the meridian. It additionally benefits the area on a neurological and cellular level to continue stimulation with a specifically chosen medicinal substance. This will have a greater impact upon the constitutional aspect of the body.

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 ***You must have NCCAOM or California Acupuncture certification to register for & participate in classes.