Acupoint Regenerative Therapies

Oct 21 – 23, 2022 Salt Lake City, Utah 24 PDA’s November 4 - 6, 2022 Vancouver, Washington 24 PDA’s

This course covers safety, injection protocols and techniques of regenerative therapies. Participants will engage in brief patient assessment, then perform & receive injections. We will discuss and utilize injectable homeopathics, vitamin’s, minerals, local analgesics and other similar substances along with what types of supplies are available to utilize with these procedures in practice, including where to acquire medical products and injectable solutions.

Participants will engage in hands on palpation and assessment of muscle, soft tissue & joint issues, identifying Ahshi-Trigger points, and prolotherapy, then perform & receive injections. Additionally, Homeopathics and intradermal techniques for constitutional issues & topics such as infertility, labor support, ear injections and related regenerative therapies. Participants will learn emergency use of Oxygen and Epinephrine and acquire knowledge, skills and ability to utilize injectables immediately in their practices.

**A complementary starter kit of injection supplies will be included so you can begin using injections upon returning to your clinic.

Space is limited. Text 801-263-9380 to register.

Early registration $900.00 if registered by September 14 in Salt Lake, and before September 23 in Washington, $950.00 after. Class will be limited to 12 participants. (1 Instructor/TA per 4 participants)
NOTE: You must have an Acupuncture license to register for & participate in classes. If you are a student in an Acupuncture College, you may also attend, $800 student discount, upon approval.

Pay Utah PDA

Pay Washington PDA


Kris Justesen, OMD, LAc has over 30 years experience in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, including Acupoint Injection Therapy. She has received training in San Francisco, Santa Fe, followed by advanced training in China & Canada. She holds acupuncture licenses in Utah, and Colorado.

Sue Shultz, DC, LAc has over 30 years experience in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, including Acupoint Injection Therapy, and Chiropractic. She has received advanced training in Canada. She holds Acupuncture licenses in Washington and Utah.